Hedge&Tree Trimming

We are your local Auckland tree sawing specialists. Our fully trained staff service Central Auckland, West Auckland, East Auckland, South Auckland, and the North Shore areas, and have excellent local knowledge of seasonal tree care requirements.

Why you Choose Us?

Seeking professional Hedge&Tree Trimming and garden refreshing services but lacking the time, tools, or expertise to handle it yourself? Connect with James’s Hedge&Tree Trimming at +64 210328885.

Our comprehensive services cater to your specific needs, ensuring your trees and property remain tidy and well-maintained. Whether you need a one-time tree trimming for new tenants, interim maintenance during your absence, or regular tree care and gardening services, James’s is your trusted choice in Auckland.

Committed to customer satisfaction, our fully trained, insured, and police-checked staff ensure the safety and security of your trees and property. From residential tree care to commercial tree maintenance, our experienced team delivers exceptional results.

James’s Tree Sawing team also provides long-term seasonal tree care advice and assistance, including pruning, pest control, fertilizing, soil management, stump grinding, tree removal, and arborist consultations.

A well-maintained garden enhances the aesthetics and value of your property, increasing its appeal. Whether it’s a one-off tree trimming or regular maintenance, trust us to enhance your property’s presentation. Every tree sawing job includes trimming branches, shaping trees, and cleaning up debris, leaving your property looking immaculate. Choose between mulching or removal of tree debris based on your preferences and needs.


Pruning Sawing

This type of sawing involves cutting branches or parts of a tree to improve its health, shape, or aesthetics. Pruning sawing often targets smaller branches and is done strategically to encourage proper growth.

Felling Sawing

Felling sawing is the process of cutting down a whole tree. It requires careful planning and execution to ensure the tree falls in the desired direction safely, minimizing damage to surrounding property.

Limbing Sawing

Limbing sawing involves removing branches from a fallen tree or a tree that has been felled. It helps in preparing the tree for further processing, such as cutting it into logs or removing it from a site.

Crosscut Sawing

Crosscut sawing involves cutting a tree trunk or large branches into manageable sections, typically for processing into firewood or lumber. Crosscut sawing may involve using different types of saws, such as chainsaws or hand saws, depending on the size and type of tree.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Signs such as dead or diseased branches, overhanging limbs, or uneven growth indicate the need for pruning or trimming. Our experts can assess your tree’s condition and recommend appropriate action.

Yes, we offer emergency tree removal services for situations such as storm damage, fallen trees, or hazardous conditions requiring immediate attention.

Our team uses specialized equipment and techniques to minimize the risk of property damage during tree sawing. We take every precaution to ensure safe and efficient removal or trimming of trees.

Our scheduling depends on factors such as workload and urgency. We strive to accommodate your needs and schedule the service at the earliest convenient time.

Our Happy Clients!

I had an excellent experience with a tree sawing service in Titirangi. They skillfully pruned the trees in my backyard, opening up the space and allowing more sunlight to filter through. The team was punctual, professional, and left the area immaculately clean. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the area!
Titirangi, Auckland
I recently hired a tree sawing company in Howick to tackle some overgrown trees on my property. Their expertise and attention to detail were impressive. Not only did they efficiently remove the unwanted branches, but they also provided valuable advice on tree maintenance. Overall, a fantastic service that I would gladly use again!
Howick, Auckland
I had a great experience with a tree sawing service in Henderson. They helped me with the removal of a large tree that was posing a safety hazard near my home. The team was professional, efficient, and completed the job with minimal disruption to the neighborhood. I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend their services without hesitation!
Henderson, Auckland